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Since its establishment in 1963, KCA has acted as the hub role to the advancement of cement and concrete industries. Representing 11 member companies, KCA plays a wide range of roles including making recommendations to the government authority with innovative policies, enhancing competitiveness of the cement industry, collecting and providing information on the cement and construction industries, boosting cooperation among the member cement companies.

On behalf of cement producers in Korea, our mission is to foster and expand the effective uses of cement, concrete and other cement products through partnerships with related organizations and institutions in marketing, engineering and public affairs.

Organization Chat
Organization Chat

KCA Principal Activities
- To boost welfare among the member cement companies
- To research the cement and construction industry as well as the whole economy
- To enhance competitiveness of the cement industry
- To promote the rationalization of cement distribution including reduction of physical distribution expenses
- To collect and provide updated statistics on the overall cement industry
- To expand the cement and concrete market
- To influence the total volume of construction and maintenance area through collective activities
- To ensure that the quality of cement, concrete and other cement products meets the economic, technological and
   environmental needs of the construction industry
- To secure a supportive and favorable attitude towards the cement industry and its products among policy-makers,
   government officials and other opinion leaders
- To issue periodicals serving as the principal source of information on the cement industry
- To monitor all affairs affecting the cement industry (energy and environmental policies, technological processes,
   production issues) and co-ordinate the cement industry's countermeasures
- To control matters on the development of standards and certification methods for the improvement of cement and
   concrete quality
- To manage various statistics including demand&supply, raw&subsidiary materials
- To hold and participate various functions at home and abroad such as the cement symposium, the ACPAC Workshop,
- To reinforce the ties for collaboration with related organizations
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